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FCG continues the path of Zaefferer, Fretes & Blanco, started in 1983, followed by Fretes & Arieu Lawyers, with an extensive action in the argentinian Capital Market.

In several occasions throughout all these years, we have been part of debt and equity issuance, including initial offerings and companies financial structuring and restructuring procedures.

Public Offer of Securities

FCG Lawyers offers a wide and complete service of excellence to all those companies looking for financing in the Capital Market ,by issuing stocks or debts, creating issuance programs, initial public offerings (IPOs) or acquisition public offerings (APOs), good corporate governance guidelines and, overall, giving a full counseling about alternatives and different ways that the regulatory framework offers within the Capital Market.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are, at a global level, a basic cornerstone of the developed capital market functioning. The law firm has a wide and deep experience in the specialty, giving legal advice to the Administration Agents and to the Mutual Funds Custody Agents.

Asset-backed securities

FCG Law Firm offers a significant experience in the construction and assessment of collective investment and financing vehicles, having participated in the structuring of the securitization of financial and commercial assets, both from the perspective of the fiduciaries, and from the side of the originators and managers of these portfolios.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

The capital market works as a tool that can be crucial to small and medium-sized enterprises´ financial development, by unlocking one of its main difficulties in our enviroment, which is access to financing at reasonable costs. The Law Firm is in a position to assist these kind of enterprises in its access and incorporation to the market, advising on the ways that should be taken, the stages to be fulfilled, and accompanying these companies in that development and in the follow-up of their subsequent growth.


We provide legal advice to the new Global Investment Advisors Agents, to Clearing and Settlement Agents, to Negotiation Agents (brokers) and Producers, in relation to its performance in stock exchanges and local markets, agreements with clients and / or other type of agents under the Capital Markets Regulation, compliance with money laundering and prevention regulations, acting in the secondary market (Millenium IT Concurrency Platform, SENEBI Bilateral Negotiation) settlement of transactions.

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